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Purse Random Draw

Purse Random Draw

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Purse Random Draw 

How it works:

- You buy as many spots as you want to 

- Once all spots are full, we will draw a random number to receive the purse

- You must pay shipping 

- Custom laser branding is included 

- If your number is not chosen as the winner, you will not receive the purse or a refund (just like a raffle) 


Nebulous Canteen Purse 

Product Details*

- Depth 2"

- Height 10.5"


- Straps are removable via heavy clips 

- Top zips shut 

- Inside is fully lined 

- Inside has one zipper closure pocket and 2 pouch style pockets 

- Back has zipper closure pocket 

- Genuine cowhide and leather throughout the entire purse


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